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I am still in two minds about whether to buy a laptop or a desktop computer. I use my PC about three to five hours each day, as I run my small business from home. Also, could you advise whether I should buy an external hard drive for all of my data or wait until I buy a new PC and use the free Laplink option to transfer everything? Finally, could you advise the best office suite for my needs? I use the Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher functions mostly. Tina If you bought your current PC in then it has done well to last this long, though you may be surprised how slow it is compared to a modern machine. Budget for your next PC to run until early , when Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. I assume your current PC is a desktop, in which case, I'd recommend another desktop.

Buy Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 Cheap


The Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Publisher - 2018 Tutorial

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