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October 29, For 6 years, Microsoft FrontPage was an important tool that offered non-technical users an easy way to build websites. In addition to its intuitive desktop publishing interface, it allowed novice webmasters to incorporate basic interactive elements. FrontPage achieved this through a combination of a HTML editor application and server-side scripting. FrontPage offered people a chance to make their mark on the web. Its simple interface was good enough to develop a reasonably attractive website, and the code view — added to some of the later releases — provided more flexibility. In the days when contact forms and hit counters had to be coded mostly by hand, FrontPage offered the potential to implement these features with no technical know-how. Microsoft purchased FrontPage from Vermeer in , and released its own version of the software soon after. Two years later, Microsoft launched an Express version with a cut-down user interface, and Microsoft marketed both as editors to create content that could be viewed in Internet Explorer. The final version of FrontPage was released in , but by then, it was no longer included with Office. Many users had to pay to acquire it, and that marked the beginning of the end. Conversely, Internet Explorer was the only browser that could render pages that used FrontPage Server Extensions correctly. FrontPage users had to choose hosting companies that would offer that compatibility. The older the technology got, the less likely it was that hosts offered them, and the harder it was for users to keep their sites working properly. FrontPage vs the Web In the early s, the changing face of the web was starting to discredit Internet Explorer. This, and other changes to the way the web worked, had a knock-on effect on FrontPage. Combined, they eventually sealed its fate: Internet Explorer was not compliant with many web design and security standards. But browsers like FireFox were starting to offer more consistent standards compliance in the mids. FrontPage was primarily a Windows application. There was only ever one edition for the Macintosh, which has always had a strong following in the creative sector.


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