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There were good reasons for this: As well as becoming the first version of Nuendo, this new codebase was also the basis for that much-needed Cubase overhaul, which hit the shelves as Cubase SX. Development of the two product lines has tended to go hand-in-hand ever since. Visual improvements Nuendo 10 has had a visual overhaul since its previous version, with higher-resolution graphics to support larger displays, redesigned icons that are easier to read and identify, improved contrast and definition on text and other interface elements and visual improvements to the Channel Strip effects and some bundled plug-ins. As before, the main project window is uncluttered, and maximises the main timeline-and-tracks workspace while keeping the essential control panels within easy reach. One of the most significant of these is the new VariAudio 3 interactive time-and-pitch editing tool, which now has a more comprehensive editing interface that improves workflow, and formant shifting to help to make the results sound more or less natural. As well as allowing for projects that demand the most exacting levels of overall audio fidelity, this also ensures compatibility with high-end film and broadcast production equipment and workflows. Time savers A new Field Recorder Audio Import functionality has been added to massively streamline the task of importing and managing the multitude of audio takes and recordings generated during production.

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Nuendo 10 ensures that it remains a premium platform for professionals who need to deliver the very best audio content – fast. The Team Nuendo is developed by a dedicated, close-knit team of audio professionals whose combined skills and experience ensure that users have the very best and efficient tools at their fingertips. Try Nuendo 8 now for 60 days for free. Get your day trial version of Nuendo up and running in order for you to have plenty of time to try out all the features that Nuendo has to offer. Subscribe now and experience the new standard for audio-to-picture work. Are you already running a previous version of Nuendo or any other product. Depending on the way you purchased Nuendo Live, you might need to activate your license: NO, if you own a Yamaha CL, QL or TF console The Nuendo Live license on your USB-eLicenser is already activated. YES, if you purchased the Nuendo Live 2 download version from the Steinberg online shop You have to activate the Nuendo Live 2 product license.

Order Steinberg Nuendo

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