What is the price of Sound Forge 2 MAC?

Sony has wasted no time in updating its flagship wave editor for the Mac. This being the case, it was perhaps not surprising that it lacked a couple of features one might have expected to see, but version 2 seeks to remedy that. Multiple documents can be opened via a tab system and you can record directly in, too, in high quality. The way Sound Forge presents its tools is still really nice, with channel meters and an info area as well as a configurable media browser all at your fingertips. Also still in evidence is the excellent plug-in chooser and Chain system, which makes sorting, locating and loading plug-ins a breeze. If you work extensively in audio repair, this will be a great time-saver. There have also been improvements to Event mode, so that more things can be locked to events for more flexible editing.

what is the price of Sound Forge 2 MAC?

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