Buy SnagIt 2.2 Cheap

This will mark the fifth time I've paid for SnagIt or an upgrade. I've also purchased Snagit for work with two different employers. Buy SnagIt 2.2 Cheap tired of paying for this product. Snagit was a great tool on the PC. It was a horrible, Buy SnagIt 2.2 Cheap imitation of the Windows version and didn't have the same feature set. I held out, hoping that the product would substantially mature. So yesterday I decided to fix a problem where "Run As" was showing two different versions of SnagIt installed on my Mac.

I uninstalled Snagit 2. I went into my archives and tried every SnagIt key I own. None of them worked. Apparently you have a new 3. I'm sorry, but I tried the new version and it doesn't fix the problems I had with 2. Nor does it offer a substantial set of features to warrant collecting more money from your loyal customer base.

This appears to be a grab for cash. Looking at the "What's new" page on your web site. You offer some video editing capability. Eventually I will have paid you enough in Snagit upgrades that I could have purchased Camtasia. Next you highlight the Buy SnagIt 2.2 Cheap capture experience".

Now we can change the size of the capture area. I won't mention any product names, but there are robust FREE screen cap tools that offer Buy SnagIt 2.2 Cheap very basic feature. Finally the other "big upgrade" is the improved editor UI. Here's your screen grab from your web site for the 3.

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