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Posted by Mohammed Raffic on Last updated Oct 12, at VMware is continuously developing VMware Workstation with a lot of new features. This is not the new feature of VMware Workstation. This feature is released with a couple of few releases prior to VMware Workstation VMware Workstation also allows you to add vCenter Server into Workstation inventory to manage the virtual machines running the vCenter inventory.

Specify the remote server that you want to connect to. Specify the IP address or hostname and provide the root credentials. Click on Connect. Accept the remote server Certificate. All virtual machines running under the ESXi hosts also visible under the VMware workstation inventory. You can even create a new virtual machine on the ESXi host.

You will be able to restart, shutdown and even place the ESXi host into maintenance mode. When the ESXi host in maintenance mode, You will not be able to create, power on or configure the virtual machine. Once ESXi host is placed in maintenance mode, Create a new virtual machine option is greyed out.

Even you can create and manage the snapshots of the virtual machine and access the virtual machine console and log in to Guest operating system. Right-click the virtual machine and perform the available allowed operations on the virtual machine.

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