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All are compatible with Lion and Snow Leopard. All feature multi-touch capability for intuitive pan and zoom and cover flow for graphical browsing of design files. AutoCAD WS has been available as a mobile app since last year, but the new version offers desktop functionality on the Mac for the first time, enabling people who don't own AutoCAD to read and edit files created by the program. It's kind of a stabilizing release where we fill out the feature holes. People using could use seamlessly, and probably should upgrade immediately. Some new features are designed to achieve parity with the Windows version of the program. Major new features include auto-complete command entry, multi-function grips, associative array functionality, creating previews, and PDF export capability. The new version of AutoCAD offers a choice of licensing options, including network licensing, which is designed to simplifly software asset management and provide more cross-team flexibility. Users can now choose a mixed network license that includes PC and Mac users. AutoCAD LT is targeted to designers, architects, and engineers who need to create, edit, or review designs, technical drawings, and documentation. The program follows common Mac application user interface guidelines, with a number of workflow-based palettes. That's one of our most popular products," said Maguire. The program's synchronous coediting feature lets users collaborate on designs across multiple platforms—desktop, mobile, and Web. The new Mac version may wind up replacing the browser-based version on the Mac, for some users, said Maguire. More pricing details and information about purchase options are available on Autodesk's website. The Autodesk team sees its debut into the Mac App Store as an experiment to see how its customers will respond to buying professional business software via this route.

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Feb 17, - Solved: I'm looking at buying a copy of Autocad for my home computer. Not really using it for ‎ AM . If I can't get old copies from my office, where's the best place for me to get a cheap copy of cad? I don't. Mar 25, - I am looking to get AutoCAD (not LT) and have come across a few options. I am woundering if I buy a standard user copy with the. Solved: Hello there, Does anybody know the link to downloading AutoCAD (students and educators) on the webpage?

Buy Cheap AutoCAD 2012

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